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LW-MDP001 Pre-made Mini Doy Pack Machine

The new-developed mini-doy packing machine is a flexiable and economical packing solution for the premade bag project, such as pet food, snack food, dry fruits, confectionary or liquid etc. Auto finish the bag loading, detecting, opening and filling and sealing to date printing, etcl; Various options such as gas flushing, weight filler and output conveyor, etc. It can be worked alone by manual or integrated with weight filler and conveyor system.

   Featues & Specs  
- Apply in coffee, dry fruit, cookies, cereal, seed project.
- Auto open-hold-fill-seal premade bag
- Running speed from 20 to 35 bags/min
- No bag no dump
- Load bag during running
- Easy operation and low maintenance
- Auto bag loading-detecting-opening
- Bag Width:150mm- 280mm
- Bag Length: 150mm-320mm
.  Product Settler (Vibrator)
.  Gas Flushing
.  Date Printing
   Take Away Conveyors
.  Filling Systems/ Devices
- Air: 7.0 CFM@80 PSI

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