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LW-SJB01 Pyramid tea bag + String + Tage

Be used for automatically packing products as green tea ,black tea, flower tea ,health tea, medicine tea, etc.
- This unit can perform either three sides sealing or triangle teabag. Just need single bond to change the bag between three sides sealing and triangle shape.
- Packaging capacity: 3000bags/h (Determined by packing material)
- Applicable packing materials: Nylon film with thread and label.
- The precision volumetric metering way very easily in the transformation of filling material.
- Electronic scale metering can be collocated according to the material.
- Human-Computer Interface, Omron PLC control, adopted the Panasonic double Servo motor to make the bag
- Easy operating
- Main motor overload protection device
- Packaging material tension automatic adjustment device
- The machine will automatically stop when Issued the warning.
Capacity:    30-40bags/Min (Determined by packing material)
Filling precision: ≤±2% (Determined by packing material)
Bag size:   60-80(W)*40-80(L)mm
Packing film: 120mm、140mm、160mm
Sealing type:  Triangle bag and flat bag
Filling range: 2-10ml
Film thickness: 0.04-0.06mm
Packing material: Nylon, Polyester net  non-woven fabrics,. ultrasonic sealing materials
Rolled outer diameter: ≤∮400mm
Rolled paper core inside diameter: ∮76mm
Air consumption:   0.6Mpa 0.4m3/min
Total power:  2.2KW
Power:       Single 220V    50HZ
Air compressor:  less than 1 cube
Dimension: 950×1200×2050㎜

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