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LW-FBC1800 Horizontal Motion Conveyor

Working Principle & Application             
•  Driven by motor to fastback the feeding tray and feeding the material to the bucket/belt conveyor or weighing scale;                                                
•  This unit is capable of conveying a wide range of material, such as snacks, fruits or granule products, its conveying rate can be controlled according to your project specific condition, especially gently protect the easy-broken, fragile or seasoning products.               
Features & Benefits             
• This fastback conveyor is rigidly built and requires minimal preventive maintenance;            
• This proven equipment has won a good reputation throughout a variety of industrial and food applications;         

•  User-friendly, few moving parts, which makes the maintenance kept to an absolute minimium;           
•  Synchronous running with the other conveyor or weighing scale, or other equipments;           
•  The feeder tray can be customized to suit your application;           

 Technical Data             
• Conveying infeed pan length:1800~3500mm             
• Conveying infeed pan width:410mm             
• Conveying infeed pan height:100mm             
• Production capacity: 10,000Liters / H     
• IP54 waterproof protection             
• Power Supply: 3 phase AC 220V/380V, 50/60Hz              
• Power consumption:  1.5KW                  
• Packing size: 2100mm(L)*550mm(W)* 700mm (H) ,  G.W. 250KG

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