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LW-BE3100 Bucket Elevator

Working Principle & Application             
•  Contructed with food-grade PP bucket, which is drove by the motor vertically to gentle feeding the material to the weighing scale or packaging machinery, integrity with the vibrator feeder, the material feeding volume and speed is controllable according to the specific project;                     
•  This unit is capable of conveying a wide range of bulk free flowing material, such as confectionery, chips, peanut, sweets, dried fruits, vegetables, frozen food, vegatables,chemical and other granular or block items.                                                   
Features & Benefits             
•  Food grade reinforced polypropylene buckets, molded in one piece with heat & cold resistance;         

•  Robust construction for durability & easy installations and dismantle;             
•  Bucket overlap only in the in-feed point to avoid product spilling out;             
•  Synchronous working with the weighing scale, packaging machinery or other equipments;            
•  The dump point height can be customized to suit your application;           

 Technical Data             
• Conveying Capacity: 3-6cubic meter/h, up to 0~20kg/h;              
• Bucket Capacity:  1.8L PP bucket             
• Power Supply: 3 phase AC 220V/380V, 50/60Hz              
• Power consumption:  950W              
• N.W. 550KG             
• Packing size: 6090mm(L)*660mm(W)*650mm(H) , 650KG             

                      Stainless steel/carbon steel construction available;              
                      Smooth-plate & dimple-plate bucket              
                       4L PP bucket is available;             
                       C type bucket elevator;             
                       Multiple-mouth dump point; 

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