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LW-MVP04 Multihead + VFFS Packing Line

I. Units Include:
①Z type bucket conveyor / Inclined Belt Conveyor
②Multihead weigher/doser
③Vertical Bagger Machine+Gantry
④Output conveyor+collacting table
II. Main Features:
Auto feed, weigh, fill and bag-making,etc
High accuracy and speed running
PLC control with touch screen
Servo motor driven dual belt bag pulling system
Photo-electric sensor eyemark tracking
Film end alarm and stop
III. Application:
Power, small granule, roll or irregular shape material
Ⅳ.Technical Specification:
*System output: ≥9860 ton per year.
*Packaging speed: 10-70PPM.
*Packaging accuracy: ±0.2-2g
*Packaging capacity: 10~1000g 
*Operation panel: English and Spanish etc

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